Let's explore the sea of ​​Nusa Penida with Penida Dive Adventure!

Chanpit.id - Diving is very popular in this island because our underwater view is amazing! As a part of the coral triangle area, our coral reefs are still very healthy and has unique variety of animals. Divers also have the chance to spot the graceful manta rays, lush oceanic fish, and bountiful marine diversity. We offer some exciting diving program such as :

Fun Dive (for certified divers)

You need to have a diving certificate to enjoy this program, we do a minimum 2 people for two dive-spots and a minimum requirement of Open Water Divers. Our team are experienced and professional dive guide to ensure the most enjoyable and safest dive possible.

Cave Dive

Let's explore the sea of ​​Nusa Penida with Penida Dive Adventure!
Cave Dive, Penida Dive Adventure
Here, in Penida Dive Adventure with our years of skilled diving experience we are pleased to offer our special cave diving trip which is very unique and historical.

Around 2015, during one of his diving trips our owner (Stiva) found a very interesting cave which happened to be historical (before 21,000 years ago).

Not many underwater caves are known and explored in this area and this cave is the first underwater cave which explored and discovered in Nusa Penida.

If you wish to rush your adrenaline and to explore more about cave diving, choose your options from easy accessible to the narrower contour slope to thrill your diving experience:

Easy to medium level : Bat Cave.
Requirement: minimum Advance Open Water or above.
Difficult level: Stiva Cave.
Requirement: minimum Rescue Divers or above with log dive 40+

Try Scuba (for non-certified divers)

Let's explore the sea of ​​Nusa Penida with Penida Dive Adventure!

If you don’t have a diving certificate but you want to enjoy the unforgettable underwater experience, don’t worry. This program is for you! Our most favorite program is the Try Scuba which is enjoyable for everybody, everyday. At the surface, we will teach you how to use the diving equipment, how to operate them, and how to communicate underwater.

Dive Course

If you love the underwater but you don’t have the dive certificate, this is the chance to make your dreams come true. We offer a diving course according to the SSI standard teaching program which prioritize comfort and safety diving. The course consists of 3 different programs such as :

1. Open Water Diver
Course Duration : 3 days
The first step to your diving certification is the Open Water Diver that consists of classroom session, observation skills, and fun dive.

2. SSI Advanced Adventurer.
Course duration : 3 days, 5 dives required.
The advance adventurer program provides you an introduction into 5 different SSI specialty program. As advised by your Instructor, students will learn various specialty skills for example: Deep Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Night Diving, Navigation, or Boat Diving.

3. SSI Advanced Open Water
Course Duration : 1 day for one specialty.
Students are required to successfully complete any 4 specialty programs and have at least 24 dive logs. Also, the advanced open water training allow you to learn how to be more responsible of your self and enhance your necessary diving skills so you can explore more the beauty of the ocean.

Note: all courses schedule can be arranged upon request, please kindly advise our Instructor.

Our Staff in Penida Dive Adventure

Our Dive Guide and Dive Instructor are highly experienced in determining the best dive time and locations according to the advised table tides chart.

Because of the weather conditions, the tides may vary and change every hour in Nusa Penida; thus it is a mandatory for us to keep our dive trip safe and joyful.

We are also determined to keep a good standard of our diving equipment and air quality because your safety and pleasure is our top priority.

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