Enjoying the Nusa Penida Half Day Tour Package, New Price

The Half Day Tour package for Nusa Penida (1 day back) is prioritized for tourists who have limited time to visit tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. For a time of only 1 day it does not reduce the impression of tourists for tours or tours to Nusa Penida. For that we choose you favorite tourist destination in Nusa Penida.

Even with less than 1 day, but with the Nusa Penida Half day Tour Package we can visit interesting spots in Nusa Penida, and the location of tourist spots is not too far away. So you don't feel tired during the trip, In enjoying the hald day tour package, Nusa Penida is better with groups or families to get cheaper tour package costs. From the many tourist destinations in Nusa Penida Island, of course we cannot visit in half a day, so we choose this tour package. the favorite tourist attraction in Nusa Penida
Enjoying the Nusa Penida Half Day Tour Package, New Price
Enjoying the Nusa Penida Half Day Tour Package, New Price
Enjoying the Nusa Penida Half Day Tour Package, New Price

These tourist attractions are the most beautiful and very interesting places to visit and you will go home with unforgettable memories

Nusa Penida Half Day Tour Travel Spot:

1. Kelingking Beach - It's not an easy thing to be able to enjoy the convenience of Pinkie Beach. Mostly, visitors feel the atmosphere of the beach and witness the beauty of the pinkie beach from the top of the cliff. This is because to get there, you have to pass a complicated road and have to go down a cliff along 150 meters.

2. Angel’s Billabong - can be said to be the President of Nusa Penida Island. The location is very unique and rarely found elsewhere. Angel’s Billabong is actually an estuary that is located close to the high seas. A river mouth is dead and forms a pool of water like a pond. The beauty and stunning scenery make it included in the tour package to Nusa Penida which is not neglected

3. Pasih Uug / Broken Beach - If you are following a tour package to Nusa Penida Bali, stop by Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) Nusa Penida. To get there, you must pass a water trip using fast boat to Nusa Penida. After arriving on the plain of Nusa Penida, then look for the location of the tourist attraction Pasih Uug which is located close to Pasih Andus

4. Crystal Bay Beach - Have you heard of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Beach that has crystal clear water? If you haven't seen our review below and make it a series of tour packages to Nusa Penida Bali during your vacation. This tourist attraction presents an atmosphere that calms the mind and soothes the body.

#note We will return to the port around 14.45 to Sanur. The schedule for the departure of fast boats from Nusa Penida to Sanur arrived at 15.30 pm

Half Day Tour Package Included :
  • Sanur-Penida PP Fastboat Tickets
  • Half Day Tour to destination sport (08.00-14.45)
  • Mineral water
  • Cars, Drivers and BBM (APV / Avansa)
  • Entrance tickets on all tourist attractions

Half Dy tour Package Price : 
Number of Participant Prices

1 person Rp. 800,000 / person
2 people IDR 575,000 / person
3 people IDR 450,000 / person
4 people IDR 400,000 / person
5 people Rp. 360,000 / person
6 people IDR 340,000 / person

** Exclude : Makan Siang (Untuk include makan siang akan di kenakan biaya tambahan Rp35.000/pax)


  • Harga paket ini khusus untuk wisatawan domestik.
  • Booking bisa dari sekarang atau paling lambat 3 hari sebelum hari H (untuk Paket Halfday ) dan 7 hari sebelum hari H (Khusus paket 1D1N, 2D1N, ) karena kamar hotel terbatas. 
  • Paket ini adalah PRIVATE yang berarti tidak digabung dengan peserta lain.

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